The Lloyd Master Spinalyzer is a postural instrument that helps quickly evaluate a patient's posture.

Spinalyzer Back Spinalyzer Side The Lloyd Master Spinalyzer is a posture screening device that lets you visually analyze and measure spinal deviations in a matter of seconds. A turn-able 'T' footplate provides analysis from posterior, lateral and face-on views. Includes dual position foot notches for Dr. DeJarnette's sacrooccipital procedures. The Spinalyzer sets up quickly anywhere.

Price $ 615.00

UPS Shipping (in US) $ 40.00

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Lloyd Master Spinalyzer

Portable Adult Toggle Drop Headpiece

Port Drop Hd

A portable drop headpiece of solid oak
construction that is ideal for house calls, making
adjustments at the office, traveling, or at a sports
event. The unique bearing design creates a
superior crisp drop with infinite tension control.
Available in a narrow 5.5" or 9" wide base.

Narrow Base (5.5" Wide): $ 235.00
Wide Base (9" Wide): $ 265.00
Adjustable Depth Drop: $395.00

Pediatric Toggle Drop Headpiece

Ped Drop Hd Green

This specially designed portable adjusting tool
allows precision low force adjustment while
the infant is in the doctor's or parent's arms.
It features adjustable tension and adjustable
straps, and is available in a choice of colors.

$ 215.00
UPS Shipping (in US): $12.00

Anterior Dorsal Plates

Ant 20Dorsal 20Plate 20Both
Low Silhouette / Normal Plate
Many doctors find our anterior dorsal plates very
effective for anterior adjusting. Available in a variety of colors and two sizes:

9"L X 7"W X 1½"H
9"L X 7"W X 3"H

Price: $ 44.00
UPS Shipping (in US): $ 12.00

Anterior Dorsal Block or Sacral Block

Ant Drosal Block

$ 32.00
UPS Shipping (in US):
$ 12.00

Portable Face Plates

Open Face Plt
Face plates are constructed with soft foam.
Available as separate units, these face plates allow the patient to comfortably lie on their stomach.

Close face 9"L X 7"W X 3"H or
Open face 11½" L X 10½" W X 3" H

Open Bottom Price: $ 54.00
Solid Bottom Price: $ 44.00
UPS Shipping (in US): $12.00

DeJarnette (Lloyd) Block Board

or Table Board

Block Board

20" X 16" X 1½"
Pouch Board (not shown) available to carry
adult blocks, sternal roll and dorsal blocks.

DeJarnette(reg.) Price: $ 62.00
DeJarnette(large.)Price $ 64.00
UPS Shipping (in US): $12.00

Pelvic Sacral Blocks

Adlt Pelvic Blocks

Adult pelvic sacral blocks and children's
blocks are available with vinyl bottoms
or non-slip corrugated rubber bottoms.

DeJarnette Type

Price: $ 76.00

Lloyd Type
Price $ 80.00

UPS Shipping (in US): $12.00

Cranial Board

Cranial Brd
Price $ 54.00
Anterior Wall BoardWallBoardSized

6" W x 36" H

Price $ 140.00

Adjustable Palpation Stool


Dual density foam seat that can be
color coordinated with Lloyd adjusting tables.
Manual height adjustment.

Price: $ 180.00

Rectangular Head Pillow

Head Cushion SOT
18" X 10" X 3"
15" X 10" X 3"

Price: $ 44.00
UPS Shipping : $ 12.00

Chiropractic Emblem

Much more detailed then other emblems.
Constructed of cast aluminum.

Measures 26" wide X 26½" tall.

Price: $ 185.00
UPS Shipping (in US): $ 25.00

(Free shipping on Headrest Paper shipped in Contiguous USA)

Activator Paper

Crepe Headrest Paper

(Tissue-Like & Breathable, yet very Strong)
Activator 20Paper
1000 sheets per carton
Price: $ 58.00 per carton
125 feet per roll / 25 rolls per carton
Price: $ 55.00 per carton