200 Series Adjusting Benches

201 ABP

201 t

Gonstead-Type Adjusting Bench

A bench specially designed for pelvic adjustments. The 201-ABP is also ideal for examination or therapy. Baked Powder coated legs & 2" foam are standard. Thicker foam is optional.

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203 ABN203 t

Shown with Optional Paper Attachment & Armrest


An excellent basic, durable, quality built bench with recessed face opening. Head & shoulder section is narrowed for added patient comfort. Baked powder coated adjustable height legs and 2" of foam are standard. Options include Built-in paper attachment, armrest, adjustable ankle rest and extra foam.

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202 ABS202 abs t

Optional Feature Available

Basic Adjusting Bench

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203 ABN-AH Deluxe

203 abn ah t

Deluxe Adjusting Bench

A popular multi-purpose bench featuring an adjustable headrest with built-in paper attachment, arm rests and adjustable ankle rest. Adjustable legs and 3" foam are standard. Available with or without arm rests and/or with or without foot rest.

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